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Bi-laminate retainer material

Colligan Dental Lab has always been at the forefront of testing new materials and we were recently asked to research a new bi-laminate which provided a better solution for bruxism bite guards.

One of our dentists had been on a course which had discussed the material as a fantastic solution to common problems found with existing retainers.

We immediately rang round a variety of suppliers and we eventually sourced two different products that we could test for use in the lab and conforms with UK safety guidelines.

The material provides two different surfaces with a ‘soft’ side that protects the teeth and a ‘hard’ side that stands up to persistent grinding.


The additional benefits are that the retainer is much more flexible and easier to fit but it is also much more longer lasting as it is resistant to masticatory forces.

We have since recommended bi-laminate as a perfect solution to some special cases and a number of dentists now use it on all of their retainers as the first choice material.

So, next time you have a case that requires a retainer, especially for bruxism, why not try the new bi-laminate – we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

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