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*** Update ***

We have again passed the DAMAS audit with flying colours – for copies of the latest (April 2016) DAMAS Certificate and a copy of the Audit Report please contact us.

Colligan Dental lab Ltd have, for many years now, prided ourselves on the high level of service and quality of products that we provide. To enhance the support given to our customers so that they can develop their practices with confidence we continue to maintain DAMAS accreditation.


DAMAS – the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme has been set up by the DLA in order that a dental appliance manufacturer’s registration claim with the MDA can be validated by an independent body. It aims to discourage fraudulent claims by unscrupulous labs that they are satisfying the requirements of the MDD.



DAMAS sets standard management system requirements to ensure that the manufacture of custom-made dental appliances is carried out in compliance with the requirements of the MDD. These standard management system requirements are written down in the DAMAS Management System Specification and these requirements must be met by a dental appliance manufacturer who wishes to become a DAMAS certified and registered manufacturer.

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What we have done, so that we can be sure that we meet the MDD and DAMAS requirements, is to set up a Medical Devices Directive and Compliance System.

The system is written down in our Medical Devices Directive and Compliance System Manual. This states our policies and objectives and describes how we meet the requirements of the MDD and DAMAS.

To ensure we comply with our policies and objectives, and the requirements of the MDD and DAMAS, we have a set of written procedures, documented within the manual, that we must stick to at all times.

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