Public Services

Prosthetic Denture Repairs – £40

Emergency dental repairs while you wait approx. 30 minutes.

Prosthetic Denture Cleaning – £50

Our ‘while you wait’ professional denture cleaning service effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks.

Here at the Colligan Dental Laboratory we have specialised and highly effective cleaning methods at our disposal. In just 20 minutes your denture undergoes an intense cleaning process.

The result:

  • A smooth surface
  • Free from deposits
  • Free from bacteria and germs
  • Free from odours
  • Retains its function
  • Longer value

Identification Marking – £40 per denture

We offer you the opportunity to have your name physically incorporated into denture. Very useful for to prevent loss and mix ups at care homes and hospitals.



Colligan Dental Laboratory

Colligan Dental Laboratory

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Cheshire WA16 6DW

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